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Why do I need a Hammer Drill when I Already Have My Ordinary Cordless Drill

best hammer drill
(click the image to see full specification of this drill hammer at Amazon store )

I have already given my recommendation on my previous article regarding what type of cordless drill to buy. This time, I will give you this best hammer drill review as an addition to your cordless drill.

Situation will come that you will gonna be needing power tools with higher torque and capacity. You will have to drill concrete objects like your brick walls or in a steel material in order to install or attach something on it.

If you have to install additional airconditioning unit to one of your rooms, you will gonna be needing a hammer drill. If you have to drill through a 6×6 thick posts that you will be needed on one of your projects, your ordinary cordless or corded drill will not gonna make it. You’ll gonna be needing hammer drill that can be used to heavy duty drilling activities on tough materials such as thick woods, concrete, and steel.

High powered drill is necessary for you occasionally. Much more needed when your line of work is related to construction industry. You need to have a reliably durable high powered hammer drill machine.

Just always remember that every power tools has its own limitation no matter how robust its motor is. You cannot use it the whole day to drill concrete walls, just like us human beings, these machines also needs rest. Their capacity is limited also. Always refer to the user manual about the proper usage of every machine you are handling, to avoid damaging it or injuring you due to mishandling.


Why Should I Choose This DEWALT DWD520K as My Hammer Drill

The best hammer drill I am recommending you to consider purchasing is this DEWALT DWD520K 1/2-Inch VSR Pistol Grip Hammer drill Kit.  See the picture above. What I liked most about this corded drill is the power it gives considering its size.

This 3.7 pound electric hammer drill has 10.0 Ampere motor which delivers increased power performance. It has dual mode feature, you can set it as hammer drill or as ordinary drill. I like the versatility it gives—from masonry, wood or steel drilling application, no problem with this Dewalt drill.

It has 2 speed range to choose from. If your application requires higher torque you can choose the lower speed setting; set it to high speed if you need more speed or for ordinary drilling. I really feel comfortable holding it with its soft grip handle and the two finger trigger. Of course, it is a little bit heavier compared to the ordinary drills, but the power you can get from this Dewalt hammer drill is almost doubled compared to those common electric corded drills.


Where Can I Buy This Hammer Drill

You may purchase it online at Amazon store. They will deliver it to your doorstep. You may see the full product specification at Amazon. buy from amazon button Check also the reviews of pleased buyers out there; see what they are saying about this powerful hammer drill.

As your skills in DIY household projects and repair level up, your demand for these power tools and other hand tools for your growing project needs also increases. I was always mentioning on most of my articles here at Greatprods that buying these tools is not a waste of your hard earned money, it is an investment.


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