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Black and Decker Cordless Drill

Save Thousands of Dollars, Acquire New Skills and Start Investing in Tools That You Must Have in Your House

Black and Decker Cordless Drill
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Have you ever been on a situation where something is broken in your house. You know to yourself that you can easily fix it, but you can’t because you don’t have proper tools for that job. Instead you call somebody, a contractor to fix that thing and it costs you hundreds of dollars for just a simple job. You can’t complain because that was the price you have to pay for that simple job which only took him or them two hours to finish. You know to yourself that you too can easily do that job, provided you have that tools, materials and equipment they are using. You are thinking of  borrowing tools from your neighbor and fixed it yourself before calling these contractors but it was too embarrassing to do that. Now that you don’t have those basic tools and materials you ended up dealing with a contractor every time something needs fixing around your house.

Another month has gone by, something simple is broken again in your home and needs fixing immediately. You ended up dealing again with another people to do this job.  payed another hundreds of dollars, and the cycle continues.

Did it ever come into your mind to calculate how much money you already have payed for contractors for simple household projects? You’ll be surprised to find out that you have already spent thousands of dollars in the past year for simple repairs in your house. You are now asking yourself how the hell in the world you keep ignoring the importance of this cheap basic tools that should have saved you from paying thousands of dollars to the contractors for just simple repair works.

I used to have this lazy habit and mentality before. I have the complete list of contractor’s contact numbers on my phone and planner. I have every person’s number saved for all my DIY and repair needs. When I need a plummer, a carpenter, a cable guy, an electrician, a gardener etc., they are just text away or just a simple call and they will be here in my house after some minutes or an hour.

Until one day, it came into my mind that what if I try repairing just simple things in my house, on my free time instead of gluing my butt on the couch and sticking my face on television while holding a bottle of beer.

I bought basic tools for this simple jobs. I was surprise that I can actually do it! When things gets harder to fix I just look it up on youtube for guidance. There are hundreds of helpful videos—teaching skills, techniques and giving excellent tips—out there shared by this selfless fantastic people for person like me who are clueless in fixing simple household things.

I got addicted doing it, my handyman skill level is improving, I feel good and proud to myself, my wife was also surprised with my newly acquired and improving technical skills, she’s proud and happy for me I looked sexier for her and I get laid more often because she has more budget for shopping now due to the money that we have saved for repairs. A happy wife is a happy husband, believe me man take my word for it.

So again, I’m urging you to start investing with this basic tools that is necessary for your simple household repair projects. This is not a waste of money; this will in fact  save you money. This tools that I am going to recommend to you, this items that I am featuring here are tried and tested and also recommended by thousands of users who have already bought this wonderful product.

What I did when I was just starting was for every paycheck that I received, I’m  allotting a portion of it to buy basic tools and materials. Whenever I have extra cash in my hand, I also buy some tools. But I am warning you, You might get addicted on collecting this things and you ended up binge buying on every tools that attracts your eyes. Try to avoid impulsive buying as much as you can.

You have to make a list first of the things you importantly needed for the meantime. Buy the other tools gradually, every payday and control yourself; if you have money on your hand and you failed controlling yourself you might end up spending your whole salary buying those lovely tools. It did happen to me when I was just starting out, I warn you guys.

I am not saying that every household project must be done by you alone. There are things that you should really need professional help like for example and most of the time is when it comes electrical works. You need license electrician if something broken or needs fixing is related to electrical works, I wouldn’t take the chance of doing it myself(even though I have already the basic knowledge of electrical works) I would still end up suffering from electric shock, or worst burning my house down. So be careful and be safe guys, there are jobs that you should really leave to professional people.


Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver

This is the very first electric powered hand tool I am going to recommend to you for your all around household repairs and DIY projects. If you don’t have any cordless drill yet in your tool room, then this is the best value power drill recommendation I can give you.

Before I go on to the technical details of this mini cordless drill, let me tell you first the uses of this best budget drill. One of the best uses of this lightweight DIY cordless drill is—as replacement for screw driver, for removing and installing screws, specially when you are dealing with hundreds of screws in your project. It has 11 position clutch adjustment which prevents screws from stripping. Just use the included screw bit in the package and you’re good to go.

When you need to use screws or drill holes particularly on the difficult spaces of your house like ceiling, or part of your house where electricity isn’t accessible for your corded electric drill,  this cordless driver is necessary.

By using special attachments that chucks into your cordless drill like mixing bits, you can mix multiple cans of paint, grout and concrete; you may also use this as saw for cutting out holes like the holes for doorknob; for dry wall installation of your paintings, mirrors and pictures; it may also be use to grind metal and remove rusts; to sand contours and curved wood surfaces; even doctors are using this for their bone operations; as mixer for baking and cooking, and tons of unbelievable uses of this cordless drill are just around the internet, search for it.


Why I love this Black and Decker Cordless Drill

This is a must have tool on your home. A very handy lightweight wood working tool and multi purpose tool that can do a lot of things for your carpentry, electrical and all around home project and or needs. This cheap but incredibly durable cordless drill is perfect for light duty works around the house. I have already used mine also on some of my heavy duty projects without any problem.

This is all the drill you should ever need around your home. It is smaller than I expected it to be when I first saw it, but quite powerful for its size. Women with small hands can comfortably use it; the grip is superb. You may check its unbelievable discounted price at Amazon store.

I was skeptical at buying it when I saw that it was just a little over 50$, I thought it might just be another one of those one-time-use disposable products. It might not last for long but I still gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought it. It’s okay for me if it did break after few months; no hard feelings because it is just a cheap tool. But lo and behold! I was surprised by its features and performance when I first used it. I started loving this drill after few uses; it didn’t fail me; it exceeds my expectation really.

I have this cordless drill now for over a year and still in tip-top condition. I can leave it fully charged at my toolroom for months and when I need it, it is still fully charged—this is one of this drill’s biggest advantages I’ve seen so far compared to older model of cordless drills that are using NiCd batteries.

The battery is 20v MAX*. Another good thing I loved about this battery pack is I can use it to other 20V Black and Decker power tools like the circular saw, reciprocating saw, string trimmer, sweeper, chainsaw and so on. The battery is universally designed so you can use it to other B&D system. Unlike Black & Decker, the other brand or equipment that I’ve bought uses unique battery model for every unit they have, unfortunately I can only use that particular battery on that particular product.

Due to its compact size and lightweight design, it didn’t fatigue my arm as much as other drills do when holding it for too long even when I’m in a ladder, using it on ceiling or some higher part of my house, or hard to reach spots—I can still use it comfortably. It has a built-in led light underneath the drill just above the trigger which illuminates when in use to help you do your thing even on a poorly lit spaces with ease.

Extra level of control was also provided, it has 11 position clutch which prevents stripping and overdriving screws. I use this driver to screw on metals, wood and plastic without any problem.


Black & Decker LDX 120C Cordless Drill Battery

Li-ion battery is technologically more advanced compared to NiCd type. Older Batteries like NiCd tends to discharge its power when you didn’t use it for the long time while Li-ion is the new technology of battery system which holds its charge for longer time.

With this particular model, Black and Decker specification says it can hold a charge for 18 months. So even if you didn’t use your drill for months, the battery’s power charge is almost the same when you last charged it. It has longer life cycle also compared to older battery models, you can leave it to charger sitting all the time and you will not have any problem with it. As I was mentioning above, you may also use this battery to other Black and Decker products.



This Li-ion battery will not keep a memory or it has no battery meter, so I have to keep it on charger when not in used. No problem in keeping it sitting on charger all the time, it will not damage it compared to the older type of batteries like NiCd. This is not a deal breaker though for me, other than that this unit is still a bang for your bucks. Another complain other users say is that there is no storage case included, not a big deal for me, I am okay with its little carry bag.

It has lower torque and RPM compared to other brands like Ryobi, Makita and other branded tools which are also twice expensive compared to this Black & Decker model. This B&D cordless drill has all the power and torque I need for all my household DIY repair jobs and projects. I am very much satisfied with it.


Start Collecting Your Basic Tools Now

If you still don’t have any tools yet at your home, or you’re still borrowing it from your friends or neighbors, I am urging you to start collecting them now, start buying them now one at a time as I was explaining earlier. There are situations, emergencies where you will need to fix things urgently, where there is no person or contractor available to do the job at the moment. How will you try to fix things if you do not even have tools available with you?  In the middle of the night, will you still bother your neighbor or friend just to borrow the tools you needed at the moment? Isn’t it embarrassing?

This Black and Decker cordless drill is one of those important tools you must have in your toolbox. You may now order it online at Amazon. Just click this button buy6._V192207736_ to see the full specifications of this drill and the reviews of thousands of satisfied customers out there.

I am not only recommending this tool or collecting of these tools for men. Women specially super moms out there can also collect this tools aside from their make-up and beauty kits. I know and I believe that women can also do this household DIY projects.

Time will come as you become more skilled, you will going to build amazing  projects like attractive furnitures  that can only be done by pros.

Bookmark this website because I will gradually add review and recommendation articles regarding the materials and tools you might be needed at your tool room.


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