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I have already stated on the introduction of my previous article (Black and Decker Cordless Drill) the importance of having the basic tools in our house. On today’s article I will give you the best hand tools list that I have also been using. Basic hand tools that are so useful to me. Tools that I am frequently using in every household DIY projects and repairs that I’m doing.

These hand tools are mostly my all around tools whether I am working on my carpentry projects, plumbing and helping on electrical, mechanical and automotive works—these are the basic tools that you will see in my toolbox. These are the best hand tools for me. So here is my hand tools review article for you:


Pliers Set

Stanley 4-piece pliers set - the best hand tools article
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Your basic hand tools collection will not gonna be complete without this sturdy pliers set. I find this set of pliers so useful in several situations mostly on my automotive, mechanical and electrical tasks. This is a Stanley guys, the workhorse brand, one of the bad-ass names out there when it comes to tool’s brand.

I love the rubberized slip-resistant grips of these pliers. The set includes 8-inch slip joint, 7-inch diagonal, .8-inch lineman, and 8-inch long nose. Another feature I loved about this excellent heavy duty set of pliers is the induction-hardened cutting edges. No matter how hard I use and abuse it, the edges are still in tip-top condition.

See what the other buyers say about this pliers at Amazon store. buy from amazon button

I feel like this set of pliers will gonna last forever. Whether I am working on my carpentry projects, automotive, electrical specially, plumbing and all sort of jobs around the house—this pliers set is amazingly helpful. This is an excellent hand tool set and must be on your top of the list when collecting ones, I am definitely vouching for this product.


Vise-Grip Locking Pliers

vice grip set - the best hand tools article
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Another useful versatile hand tool that you need to add to your collection is this classic IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Locking Pliers Set. It is ideal for tightening, twisting and turning; like when you need to loosen those stubborn rusted bolts and nuts, I find this classic vise grip very helpful on those situations.

Made from high-grade heat-treated alloy steel, the durability and toughness of these tools are really incredible. The classic trigger release provides maximum locking force. There are variety of sizes and models to choose from but I find this set ideal in wide range of locking, twisting and turning jobs I am doing.

Check this item at Amazon buy from amazon button and see what other verified buyers said about this product.

You cannot go wrong in buying this vise grip set. I am so much satisfied with the quality of these hand tools that’s why I am highly recommending this to you also. A must have starter set of hand tools for your wide range DIY, repair and maintenance jobs. Your toolbox needs to have this set.


Vice Grip Groove Lock Pliers

vice grip groove lock
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This IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers, V-Jaw, 10-inch (2078110) is another recommended addition to your basic tools collection. It is currently the #1 best selling tool under Vice Grips and Locking pliers category. Check it out at Amazon site.  buy from amazon button

This hand tool is really handy specially when it comes to your mechanical or automotive DIY household jobs. Its all purpose pair of jaw grips is so useful whether on round, flat, square or hex shaped objects. The grip is superb, I can adjust its groove position to a location more  comfortable for my hand.

What I liked most about this tool compared to the ordinary groove lock pliers  is the press-and-slide button—which allows for quick, easy adjustment of the lower jaw. The jaws’ right-angle teeth grip in all directions really helps in preventing slippage. I feel the comfort and control using this hand tool, light weight yet very strong and grips firmly on the object you are working with.


Adjustable Wrench

wrench adjustable
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Stanley 90-947 6-Inch MaxSteel Adjustable Wrench, I find this small wrench so useful as a starter tool for my automotive maintenance and repair, plumbing, and general assembly tasks.  If you don’t have the set yet of those several types of wrenches then I suggest you to get this wrench first. Even if you already have those sets, this wrench will still be useful to you.

This is just a 6-inch small adjustable wrench, much better if you will pair it with the larger one. The quality of the metal they used—forge chrome vanadium steel—on this wrench is superb plus the textured rubber bi-material handle will give you the grip that is so comfortable in your hand.

With just having this small wrench you already have the equivalent of a set of wrench.

You can’t go wrong in buying this hand tool, this is Amazon’s #1 best selling in adjustable wrenches category. buy from amazon button Check out the reviews of the satisfied buyers there. And again, that vivid yellow color design on handle will make it easier for you to see it in the pile of tools.



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Another Excellent a must have best seller hand tool I am going to recommend to you is this Stanley 51-624 20-Ounce Rip Claw Fiberglass Hammer. We all know that hammer’s job is not just for pounding nails and removing nails from an object. It is generally associated with wood working but it is really helpful in some other jobs . You may often reach for this hammer from your tool box when working with other projects aside from wood related ones.

This hand tool is your basic tool in many trades. I love the fiberglass handle that helps absorb shock and vibrations. With the help of its textured rubber, the  grip is very comfortable and secure. This hand tool is so light weight it is only 20 ounce but the good balance and durability is astounding.

The yellow color on the handle of this hammer will help you to easily locate it on your pile of tools or whenever you are in a messy job site.

I think this is another Stanley’s sturdy hand tool that is built to last. So buy this one at Amazon store now.  buy Stanley hammer You have a lot of pounding to do. Start fixing broken things at your home now.



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When it comes to screwdrivers I am really cautious in choosing the durability of its tips. I believe that this set tops all the best brands out there when it comes to the quality of the tips.

Klein Tools 85078 Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set, 8-Piece—this is the set of American made screwdrivers  I am recommending to you. This is a professional quality screwdrivers. It is a bit expensive compared to the other sets out there but I believe that these screwdrivers are built to last for years even with daily use. This is the best screwdrivers I ever have.

I also love the rubber grips. I feel so comfortable holding it which allows me for increased force. This set is a general purpose  selection of most frequently used screwdrivers; I think this set covers all the general sizes you will mostly need.  Check it out at Amazon store buy Klein screwdrivers set button You will not go wrong in buying this one guys, you will never be disappointed. I am vouching my name for this. In fact, ask your electrician friends, or if you know somebody who is in electrical installation job, on what screwdriver brand would they recommend you and they will never hesitate to suggest you that brand named Klein.



Stanley AharpTooth saw
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Stanley 20-526 15-Inch 12-Point/Inch SharpTooth Saw

Your hand tools collection is not complete without these handsaws. The first saw I am recommending to you is this Stanley sharp tooth saw. I am absolutely impressed with the quality of this handsaw just be careful and extra mindful with the blade guys it’s really sharp; watch your hand, you might cut it.

I can cut 4×4 logs easily with this saw. The rubber handle’s grip is superb. This hand tool is light weight and comfortable to use. This hand tool is not only helpful with my wood working projects and repairs; you may rely on this as well—together with other basic tools I featured here—on emergencies and calamities. When you have to cut logs from trees being uprooted by storms, this hand tool is very helpful.

In case you haven’t bought it  yet, buy sharp tooth saw from amazon button I urge you to get one now. Check it out on Amazon site.  This is not a waste of money product type, this is a necessity, a must have hand tool in your tool room.


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 Stanley 20-556 6-Inch FatMax Jab Saw

Another great addition to your handsaws is this amazing jab saw. There are situations where you will have to work on small details that your regular saw can’t handle, like on your dry wall; when installing additional electrical outlet and boxes, the sharpened tip will easily punch through the dry wall even on cement boards.

If you are working on fine details that your regular handsaw doesn’t fit, this jab saw or keyhole saw is the one you’ll gonna need. I like its induction hardened teeth which stays sharp 5 times longer than standard teeth. the grip is amazingly designed to resist slipping and very comfortable to hold. It boasts its sharp tooth technology which cuts 50% faster than conventional saw meaning—it will cut on object when you are pushing and pulling it unlike the conventional blade which only cuts when you are pushing. there are hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon buy from amazon from the satisfied customers, check it out guys. This item is number one best seller in hacksaws category. Again I am reminding you to please be very careful when handling this cute little saw, it looks just like a toy but the blade is so sharp avoid playing it and most importantly, keep it away from children; they might mistaken it for a toy, it might injure them.

(click this image to go to Amazon site to see more detail about this product)

Stanley STHT20139L Rubber Grip Hacksaw

Let’s cut some metal now! This awesome hacksaw will complete your basic collection of saw’s list.

Another Stanley grade hand tool that I highly recommend to you. Look at the beautiful modern design, all metal frame with comfortable handle to grip. very light weight, it’s just 1-lb, with blade that is so strong it would be able to cut thick metals easily which ordinary hacksaws couldn’t do.

The Yellow color on the handle part will also help you to locate it easily; it is perfectly designed hand tool. The set is just under 10$ on Amazon store, buy from amazon check it out to see what the other customers say about this wonderful hand tool. You may also send it as a gift to someone you know might need this hand tool. Gift wrap is available there.


Tape Measure

tape measure
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This classic small piece of hand tool will help you a lot in your DIY projects. I am recommending you to get this STANLEY FMHT33865 Fatmax True Zero Magnetic 25-Feet Tape from Amazon store. buy from amazon button

The blade is 1-1/4 inch wide for easy to read measurement. It has BladeArmor coating protection which helps it reduce the breakage plus the Mylar blade coating which helps extending the blade life and prevent it to rust.

I also like the added magnetic hook at the tip which holds securely onto metal surfaces; it is really helpful. It boasts the 11 feet blade standout for reach and ease of use. Heavy usage is not a problem with its High-Impact ABS case and durable rubber. So far this is the best measuring tape I have ever used.

I had numerous cheap measuring tapes before that break easily, I couldn’t care less about the type of measuring tape I was using before. What matters to me was if it can measure then I will use it. Until the situation comes where my last purchase broke on the very first day I used it. From that day on I told my self to never buy those cheap tapes again. That is why I am recommending this sturdy Stanley measuring tape to you guys. Take note that this product measures 7.1 x 4.6 x 2.2 inches, I think you might want to include in your purchase  the slim one that will fit in your pocket.


Speed Square

speed square
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Swanson Tool SO101 7-inch Speed Square, I suggest you get this one also as addition to your measuring tools. As your wood working skill level advances, you will begin to appreciate how valuable this tool is.

Check out the positive feedback of those satisfied  customers who bought this at Amazon store. buy from amazon button What are the uses of this speed square? What are its features and how are you going to use it on your wood work projects? I couldn’t explain it any better than this YouTube video by Classic Work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPL6jOa6AH8


Chisel Set

Chisel Set
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DEWALT DWHT16063 4 Piece Wood Chisel Set, this basic set of chisel is all you need for now as your starter set. This hand tool is not one of those buy-it-now throw-it-tomorrow one-time-use products.  It will give you the best value for your money.

I love the quality and durability of this wood working hand tool. The chrome carbon-steel blade is hardened, tempered for edge retention, lacquered well for corrosion protection. The bi-material handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and protection.

For just an approximately 30$, You can’t go wrong in buying this chisel hand tool set. Check it out at Amazon store. buy from amazon buttonSee also the review of other buyers there.

Your wood working skills will be honed as time goes by and you will find yourself reaching for those other set of chisel as well for your carpentry needs; but for now, I think this hand tool set will gonna be enough as your general purpose chisels for your wood work projects. You might want to add this wonderful sharpening stone, also available at Amazon, for these chisels.


Hand Plane

bench jack plane
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GreatNeck C4 Bench-Jack Planes 9-Inch Plane 2-Inch Cutter, you will also gonna be needing this hand plane for your starter tool box kit. There are better hand planes than this but they are 6 times more expensive than this one.

I’m okay with this GreatNeck bench plane. The handle is hard plastic not wood as advertised on Amazon.  buy from amazon button  This can do heavy duty wood working jobs as those expensive hand plane would.

For just under 25$, this hand tool gives you a great value for your money. Cheap but reliable, I cannot promise you the heaven and earth with this hand plane but as an all around wood working tool for your DIY and repair projects, this will gonna be a perfect fit for your household use.

Just in case this one is not good enough for you, there are wide range of hand planes to choose from at Amazon store, check it out. But I think this one is already a good choice at that price for me, I have already tried and tested this hand plane, and all I can say is this plane is good.


Wrecking Bar

wrecking bar
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Stanley 55-104 36-inch FatMax Wrecking Bar, this 36 inch wrecking bar is a great addition to your hand tools collection.

Situations will come where you’ll gonna be needing the force this heavy duty bar will give you. I am always abusing this tool but it didn’t bent a little, this is made of forged carbon steel—designed to withstand 975 foot-pounds of bending momentum. Check it out on Amazon store.  buy from amazon button See how the buyers are really satisfied with this bar. Pulling huge nails will not be a problem with this tool, your wrecking job will gonna be easy if you have this one with you.


Safety Work Gloves

work gloves
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Custom Leathercraft 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves, Large, this is the #1 best seller under Safety Work Gloves category at Amazon store. buy from amazon button Check out the thousands of satisfied customer’s review there.

Sizes are available from small to double extra large. Made from Clarino synthetic leather which is tough, soft and really comfortable to wear. Unlike the other gloves, it resists shrinking, stretching and hardening.

Another thing what I liked about this glove’s excellent design is the padded knuckle which provides protection against bumps. The wing strap is awesome for perfect adjustment and easy-on and easy-off, really flexible and fits perfectly on my hands. For the price of just under 12 bucks, I’m beyond satisfied with this product. No wonder why it is a best seller. This is the best safety gloves I am highly recommending  to you.


Multi Tester

multi-tester - the best hand tools article
(click this image to go to Amazon site to see more detail about this product)

Etekcity MSR-P600 Digital Multimeter / DMM / Multi Tester with Capacitance Test—you’ll definitely gonna be needing this one. Even if you know nothing about electricity or electrical works at the moment, I’ll still recommend you to purchase this or the other brands of multi tester you choose.

This tiny inexpensive multi tester will do the tricks for your general household electricity or electronics related checking or testing needs. For just under 20 bucks this small multi tester is already a winner. There are better brands than this of course like the “Fluke” which is really great and highly recommended multi tester but it costs around 170 dollars.

I am okay with this Etekcity brand. Hundreds of satisfied customers already gave their impressions and reviews  about this multi tester at Amazon store.  buy from amazon button  You may check it out. This item is just as tiny as your cellphones. You may carry it on your pocket it is really portable, user friendly and reliable.


In Conclusion for the Best Hand Tools guide

These basic hand tools I am recommending to you on this article are the hand tools I think  will going to be useful for your basic and general purpose  household repairs and DIY projects needs. These basic tools I have featured on this article pretty cover wide range of function for your household jobs whether be it a mechanical, automotive, electrical, electronics, carpentry and woodworking related tasks. These tools may not be the bestest out there but I think they will give you the best value for your money in terms of their quality and durability.

If I missed something that you think I should be including in this post, just let me know on the comment section below and I will edit this article to include them. Stay tuned and bookmark this blog. In the coming days I will be featuring some other tools, or I am thinking of giving you the list of the consumable materials you must have on your tool room.


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