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Why You need to Have a Garden No Matter How  Small Your Place Is

Gardening tools
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Before I go deeper to my article topic today—Tools Used for Gardening—let me give you some pointers first why gardening is good for ourselves, for our  neighbors, for our environment, and for our mother earth.

Gardening is one of the best therapies to reduce stress, anxiety, work related fatigue, burnout,  restlessness; one of the best forms of relaxation. When you are doing gardening activities, it brings you closer to the nature,  the complexity of things running around the back of your head now subtly replaced by the simplicity of nature.

While you’re enjoying touching those plants and fiddling the soil, you didn’t even realized that you were already forgetting  momentarily all your worries and problems behind. You started feeling the joy, the calmness, the positive vibration of rays of energy the nature is scattering to your body.

Aside from giving fresh oxygen to your body—by absorbing and turning those carbon dioxide and other toxic pollutants into fresh air—the fragrance of those sweet blooming flowers and the nutritious fruits and vegetable it gives you are really amazing.

Every household should have plants in their backyards not only for the direct benefits it will give you but it is also an act of giving back the care to our mother nature to at least lessen the damage carbon footprints we have caused her. “I don’t have a space in my home for that” is not a valid excuse. This amazing guide— All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More In Less Space—already demonstrated and  proved that no matter how small your place was, you can still enjoy the beauty gardening.


Wide Range of Plants to Choose From

Thousands of plants out there to choose from, whether you want to grow your own organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs or you want to make an art out of your garden by planting different types of amazing flowers—wide range of choices out there to put on your garden, do what ever pleases you. What matters most is you have some plants growing there in your backyard. Taking care of your plants will not consume your whole day. After you have initially done planting, all you need is few minutes a day to check it, to water it. It is only a bit time consuming at the beginning, at the planting process, but once your plants has stabled their roots on the soil it becomes more easier now taking care of it.


Garden Hand Tools for Beginner

Now that you have decided to start gardening, This all in one gardening set— tools used for gardening, as shown in the picture above—is the basic tools you will gonna need for your start. If you’re already into gardening and you don’t have that set yet, you might also want to consider getting one. It’s a really nice set to complement your beautiful garden. this set contains heavy duty folding stool, durable storage tote—with external pockets for easy access of tools in any angle—5 stainless steel garden tools: 1 trowel, 1 trans-planter, 1 cultivator, 1 weeding fork and 1 weeder. You may see it at Amazon store. buy from amazon, tools used for gardening, button see also what the other buyers said about this wonderful gardening set.


Don’t Grow Prohibited Plants

Gardening is not a waste of time. Everyone will benefit from that garden you will have or you already have in your backyard. By the way before I forget, there are plants that are not allowed grow in your garden. Like for example the cannabis plant it may be illegal in your state law to possess it, stay out of trouble guys. Please check your state law regarding the plants that are illegal to have in your possession or garden.


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