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cable ties
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I used this title Cable Ties in this article not only for its literal meaning but also using it figuratively. Since we generally use cable ties to tidy things up, we need something like what cable tie does for our personal organization and decluttering.

Okay before I discuss to you the importance of this cable tie and why you need to have this, let me tell you first my story:

I’m disorganized person. I  have a messy place  papers, books, electronics gadget, personal things, clothes, school and office supplies, hygiene kits, and hand tools to name a few were laying around, jumbled in one place instead of being in their proper places; and my classic mess was the cables dangling around: printer cable, USB cables, ethernet cable, laptop charger, desktop computer cables, speaker wires, extension cords to name a few.

Are you the type of person who are disorganized as I am? Who couldn’t care less about this personal organization for better productivity thingy? Welcome to the club, you are not alone we are the 99%.

On a serious note, due to so much business happening around I forgot to tidy up my place. I always forgot to put things where I get it from. I am always telling to my self that I will get this thing back there to where it should be later. I’m just so busy or should I say too lazy to dot that thing for now.

Until the day came where I need to read something very important at that moment but I couldn’t read it; I don’t have my reading glasses with me. I looked around, double check to my pile of mess. I couldn’t find it. I have already looked at the kitchen, the living room the bathroom, back to my messy table and still I couldn’t find it. I sat on my sofa bed, took few deep breaths thinking, blaming myself for being forgetful, for being such a messy and disorganized person. I put my hands on my head and there you are I touched the eye glasses that I was looking for. I was actually wearing it on my head. I have mixed emotions going on inside my head, I wanted to laugh, I wanted to punch myself in the face, I was so irritated to myself, I feel funny to myself.

From that day on I started the change. I am pretty sure to myself that I still have strong memory but it is the mess around me that I have created which causes my memory to be poor. I started training myself to be organized, little by little and one step at a time. I started putting things back to where they are. When I use one thing I immediately put it back to where it should be as soon as I am done using it. This small positive things I’m doing becomes a good habit now. That small things made a big impact on me; I am an organized person now. I feel great, positive, and amazed to myself. I’m more productive now, less irritated and less stressed now.

Another part of being an organized person is how will you gonna keep those dangling and wayward cables, around your house, orderly and less irritating to the eyes. So I started tidying them up by using the plastic zip tie and a side cutter.  But the problem is I cannot use these one-time-use zip ties on my laptop chargers, USB cables, headphone wires, and to some gadget’s cables that I always carry with me. Plastic zip tie is good to use on cables in fix places like the ethernet cables and that cables at the back of your desktop computer.

I tend to move my things and rearrange my room from time to time. This plastic cable tie is not good for my needs, until I came across with this amazing Velcro cable tie in Amazon store, as also seen on the picture above.

For just  five bucks I was able to get 100 pack of this heavy duty, reusable, adjustable, versatile and easy to use tie wrap. It doesn’t rapidly degrade with age, It can easily be cut or combined depending on where you are going to use it. It perfectly fits my needs, the quality is good. This is the best cable organizer out there, the best I have ever used. No wonder why this is the #1 best selling cable ties at the Amazon. buy cable tie from amazon button Check it out guys and see what the other thousands of satisfied customers is saying about this wonderful heavy duty cable ties.

Start being an organized person now, increase your productivity while decreasing your stress, irritability and negativity. Start it little by little start it in small things until it became a habit to you. It really feels good, you can feel the positive energy vibrating around you when your place and things are organized.

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