Gaffer Tape

You Won’t Go Back to Your Duct Tape Again Once You Have Tried Using This Fantastic Gaffer Tape

Gaffer Tape
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This amazing gaffer tape can do everything what duct tape can. Aside from that, it has stronger adhesive property, it is made from fabric as oppose to vinyl and other plastics, can easily be removed on the surface or object without leaving any residue marks.

Gaffer tape or sometimes called as gaff tape, gaffer’s tape, camera tape is often mistaken for a duct tape. It is usually used by professionals on video production environment or in an industry related to film, photography, theater, etc. It is so much useful in a situation where the need for temporary fixing or securing tightly of tangled cables and equipment’s accessories into places is necessary. It is used to make your working environment look neatly and keep people from tripping from those messy cables and accessories.

Unlike the duct tape which is made from vinyl and other plastics,  it’s matte finished; it is made from water proof cotton fabric. you can easily tear it by your fingers without the need for any cutters and scissors. It’s not shiny or non reflective. The adhesive property is superb but you can easily remove it without leaving any adhesive residue on the object.


Why Would I Choose This Best Gaffer Tape Over The Duct Tape

This is the mother of all tape. This tape is what the pros are using. You can use it in an infinite number of functions and applications. The first time I used it, I saw the strength on how it holds my cables firmly over time; unlike the duct tape that tends to lose its adhesive property in few hours or days when holding a bit heavier objects. I ‘m really amazed and convinced that this gaff tape is indeed better that the duct tape. It is now my super tape when it comes to situations where the need for an all around tape or general purpose tape is necessary.

Since it is made from cotton fabric, you can also use this to temporarily patch those holes from your pants or shirts. Add that to the countless number of possible use for this gaffer tape. You may discover those unlimited number of uses along the way when your genius creativity kicks in on various situations.

I like also the range of color choices. They have the black as shown in the image above, white, electric blue, green, gray, and red.  I haven’t tried the other colors yet, but I ordered the neutral grey, black, and white. these three colors fits my need for now.

I have no problem using it for heavy duty applications, it is really a professional premium grade kind of tape made from class-A materials. There is no question when it comes to quality and capability; this gaffer’s tape will give you the toughness you deserve.


Where Can I buy This Gaffer Tape

You can buy it hassle-free and worry-free at Amazon store. buy from portable outlet amazon button It will be delivered to your doorstep. Check also the other satisfied buyers’ reviews about this amazing gaff tape. But I have to warn you guys that you should buy this only from legitimate and genuine seller.

I bought mine from this reliable seller named Gaffer Power. They are selling premium grade made in the USA Gaffer tape. There are several imitations out there made from sub-standard materials so be cautious. Since this is an amazing product, a lot of fake ones will also gonna flood the market; be a smart buyer and choose only the original.



Your tool box is not complete without this All around gaffer tape in it. This is the best company for your WD-40. They said that If you have a hammer, a WD-40, and a duct tape you can repair almost everything. But since this gaffer tape  is better than the duct tape, this is the best partner for your WD-40 now. This is an all around household super tape you should be putting first in your list when buying your DIY needed tools and supplies.


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