Car Fire Extinguisher

Car Fire Extinguisher is Necessity in Every Vehicle

car fire extinguisher
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Car Fire Extinguisher should be your number one priority upon buying your vehicle. Before you add those accessories you have been planning to add to your beloved car prior to its purchase, you should have planned first on what type of fire extinguisher you need to have on your vehicle.

Your safety, your family’s and those who will be riding with you should be your number one priority. Accident happens, electrical short circuit—which is the number one cause of vehicular fires—isn’t a new thing, be it an old or brand new car, sh*t happens and we should be ready for it all the time. But how are you going to react when fire incident breaks into your car, are you gonna blow it? or sprinkle it with the bottled water you have with you?

This is where the importance of this portable fire extinguisher comes in. This little fire extinguisher might save the hard earned money you spent for your car and maybe the life of people riding with you on that vehicle.

You have seen it in news, videos of burning cars are all over the internet. Over 400,000 reported cases of vehicular fire each year. This is alarming, something we shouldn’t be taking lightly. Safety precautions and preparedness should be included on our priorities. “But I have been driving for 20 years and nothing fire related incident happens to me.” This kind of thinking is irresponsible, what if incident happens on your 21st year of driving? You are not putting only yourself or people with you on that vehicle in danger—but also your fellow motorists or establishments nearest to you—if fire incident happens in your car. Having a handy car fire extinguisher with you and your quick thinking might save your car from burning.


Fire Extinguisher Types

There are several types of fire extinguishers manufactured for different fire types. They are commonly known as the ABC fire extinguisher types. Classification of fire standard varies in some countries. Like for example in America, they have fire types: A, B, C, D and K; for UK and Europe are A, B, C, D and F; for Australia and Asia are A, B, C, D, E and F. Anyways, It’s sometimes confusing. Why don’t they just made a single standard for the whole wide world to use.

Commonly used fire extinguisher type that we usually see in buildings and establishments, also in our homes, are the type that can be used on fires caused by ordinary solid combustibles like papers and woods, flammable liquid and gases like the petrol, oil, grease, etc., and the fire caused by electrical equipment. There is also a special type of fire extinguisher used in fire caused by combustible metals, and from the fire usually started from kitchen oils and fats when cooking.

Class of fire extinguishers are also commonly known from the type of compound they are made of. They are sometimes called the water fire extinguisher, foam fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, dry chemical fire extinguisher, etc.


First Alert FESA5 Auto Fire Extinguisher

The type of fire extinguisher I am recommending you—as shown in the picture above—is rated BC meaning it is suitable to use for flammable liquids, oil, grease, gasoline and electrical fire types. This is perfect for our vehicle. You may check it at Amazon store. buy from amazon button - fire extinguisher for sale See what the other satisfied buyers said about this portable fire extinguisher. It is compact, easy to mount on your car. Very handy and easy to read instructions.

Invest in your safety now; learn from other people’s mistakes. Vehicular fire is a serious threat, this little red tank might be your savior.


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