Cool Safety Glasses

cool safety glasses
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Protect Your Eyes All the Time

These cool safety glasses are the ones that I prefer when working on my DIY projects. But before I dive into the details regarding this protective goggles, let me discuss first some important things with regards to your eye safety at work.

Safety protection for your eyes is one of the most important things you—ironically speaking— often forget to see when you are working on projects which requires eye protection. You tend to overlook the importance of these protective glasses that you should always be wearing when you are working. Maybe because you have so much confident in your eyes’ ability to see coming objects that you can easily dodge or be intercepted by your hands before it hits them; or maybe because you are not comfortable working while wearing those huge protective eyewear that would cover your whole face. I am equally guilty of that kind of irresponsible reasoning, laziness and excuses which causes me not to wear safety goggles. I am always telling myself that my eyes are faster that those flying little objects so no need to wear those distracting eye goggles. Yes my eyes are faster, I can see that object coming, but my reflexes are slower than those flying particles so I’m still vulnerable to eye injuries.

I am talking about the eye protection glasses here that you should be wearing when doing your basic household DIY project  and repair activities. There are wide variety of safety goggles designed to protect your eyes in different type of activities you are doing: swimming goggles, chemistry goggles or lab goggles, blowtorch goggles, welding goggles, motorcycle goggles, basketball goggles, aviation goggles, virtual reality goggles and so on. Several types of these safety goggles are prescription goggles for those with vision problems.


Gateway Safety 4699 StarLite Gumballs Safety Glasses

This cool safety glasses I’m recommending to you—as shown in the image above—can provide protection for general types of activities that requires safety cover to your eyes. This stylish safety glasses can protect your eyes from different activities: chemistry or laboratory activities; varnishing or spray painting works; wood working or carpentry; when you are using power tools like chainsaw, circular saw, drill, trimmer; sporting activities like Nerf war games, biking and so much more. This is the sturdy generic safety glasses for your general eye protection needs.

What I liked most about this safety glasses is the superior comfort it gives, it is ultra-lightweight, you would enjoy wearing it all day. The unitary lens provides wide field of vision; the design is sleek and stylish. The durability of the materials used is superb.

For just a little over 13 bucks, you will get 10 pieces of ten different, vibrantly colored temples. So when you forgot where you put the one you are using, you still have 9 reserve there at the box readily available anytime you needed one. Check it out at the Amazon store. buy from safety glasses from amazon button See also the reviews of satisfied buyers out there of this safety goggles.

We only have two eyes. You cannot see the beauty of this world you are living without them. You have to protect your eyes all the time using this cool safety glasses specially when in danger of being hit by foreign objects when doing some activities that are unsafe for them. Be safe all the time guys.


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