LED Emergency Lamp

Emergency Lamp: Why Your Home Needs to Have This One

led emergency light
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Emergency situation happens occasionally—in the middle of the night, while you were sleeping soundly, or while you are driving your car. Power outage caused by natural calamities: storm, typhoon,  heavy rains,  flooding, earthquake, tornado, and blizzard to name a few. How prepared are you when these situations occur at night? Do you even have an LED emergency lamp with you?

Emergency light is the first thing you would grab when untoward circumstances happens at night.

Whether it be a lamp, match, flashlight, cigarette lighter, pin light, anything that can give you illumination in order for you to do those necessary things that you have to; necessary actions, if it happens in your house, like going to your love one’s rooms to see if they’re good, and to bring them into safe place, to make next necessary plans for your over all safety; necessary actions when you are in a vehicle when emergency happens—light source is the first thing you should have.

That is where the importance and the need for this LED emergency lamp comes in. You should have a least one of these emergency lamps hanged accessibly in your rooms, in your vehicles or places where it can easily be find in case of emergency.


Why LED Emergency Lamp, Why Not Just Use Those Ordinary Rechargeable Lights

Any emergency lights will do. You may use any kind lights you want to use as long as it will be helpful to you—that is the most important thing. But we all know that LED is one of the most efficient lighting systems. It draws only small amount of current from the source but will give you the illumination and brightness as those other lighting systems would give.

That means, your power source like batteries will last longer when you are using LED lighting compared to the other lights like bulbs and fluorescent lamps. This is important when it comes to emergencies. You don’t know how long this emergency  situation will last that’s why you will need a light source that will absolutely keep up the light with you for a long time.

LED emergency lamp is the perfect fit for those situations. But LED bulbs are not all the same, they are made by different manufacturers. You will have to choose which is the best among those LED choices, the most efficient, the one with the lowest power consumption, and the one that will give you the best power to luminosity ratio.


Etekcity Portable LED Lantern: This is One of the Best Emergency Lamp in the Market Today

This lantern—as seen on the picture above— is not just an ordinary emergency lamp. You may bring it also on your camping. You may use it on your DIY household projects when you are working on a poorly lit spaces in your house.

Kids will love this lamp also; it is safe for them to play with it on their tents, for their reading activities.

You may bring it when you go outside your house at night and you want to check something, this Led lantern is so handy. It is also advisable to have one of these lamps in your car that you can use on an emergency situations at night.

This emergency lamp is amazingly designed for convenience and ease of use. It is so lightweight(0.79 pounds) and compact; it’s just a bit bigger than a soda can when collapsed into smaller size. The foldaway handle adds versatility which is expandable when you want to hang it anywhere.  It is made of military grade water resistant materials, so expect the toughness and long-time durability of this product. Also, an awesome 10 years warranty was included by Etekcity.

Its amazing brightness comes from 30 individual low powered LED bulbs which gives you 360 degrees maximum illumination. This lantern is powered by easy to replace three double A batteries located at the bottom.

LED bulbs have the longer life span compared to the other bulb systems. Its low power consumption LED’s could light up to 12 hours of continuous use or up to 8 hours of high brightness use. When it detects that the battery power runs low, it will dim to a power saving mode for longer use. When you have newly batteries installed in it, it will run at full brightness continuously for up to 8 hours, then it will switch to power saving mode of up to 4 hours continuous use. That’s how efficient this emergency light is.


Where Can I Buy This Best LED Emergency Lamp

Yo u can buy this amazing LED lamp at the Amazon store. buy emergency lamp from amazon button You may also check there what the thousands of satisfied buyers said about this product and the full details and specifications of this product. See what they liked most about this lantern, what other features they want this product to have, what are the pros and the cons—it will give you the general idea of what to expect before buying this portable lamp.



As I have stated on my opening paragraph, emergencies do happen occasionally. It is best to be ready when circumstances occurs. It is best to have the things you needed most when emergency situation happens specially at night, and one of those things that you needed most is this emergency lamp. You need this light source in order for you to have a general overview or assessment of the situation, in order for you to conclude a mind map of what important things and steps you are going do next.

This LED lamp is not only for emergencies, you may use it in several applications as I have explained previously. You better have multiple stock of this item for your rooms, your cars, for your kids to play with(yes this lamp is safe for them), etc. This product is not a waste of your hard earned money, this is one of those precious products every home should have.


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