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Why You Should Include This Portable Outlet in Your Gadget Bag When Going Out for Business Trips and Vacations

portable power outlet
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This portable electrical outlet will not only give you convenience when using your devices but will also protect your expensive gadgets from dangerous electrical power surge.

I have been into a series of vacation trips lately. What I noticed from most hotels I had stayed with was they all have limited electrical outlets, cost cutting maybe. Most of them have only two electrical outlets in their rooms. What the heck, I have to charge my phones, tablet, laptop, bluetooth speaker, DSLR camera battery, and handy cam battery, but the hotel room have only two outlet sets, four sockets in total. This is one of the most common hotel struggles I had encountered on those vacations: one socket is already used for television, the other three were already occupied by my family members’ gadgets who are with me on that vacation.Did this experience sounds familiar to you? have you already encountered this same situation? Haha, welcome to the club; you are not alone.

Another bad thing that happens to my cellphone while charging it on a hotel’s outlet was a voltage surge caused irreparable damage to its motherboard, it leaves me no choice but to purchase another phone that time. After that unfortunate vacation, I did thorough research about that problems I had encountered during that trip—how will I protect my gadgets from dangerous power surge, and how am I going to deal with the lack of power outlet sockets in hotels. What should I do or what do I need to buy in order to avoid that unfortunate situation from happening again, whether I’m on a vacation or in a business trip.


The Best Portable Power Outlet You Should Be Getting

Until I came across to this device on the internet. Bought it, tested,  and tried if it will fit my needs. Checking if those positive feedback they’re saying about this device is true. Can it really protect my gadgets from electrical surge aside from the extra sockets I’m getting for my electronic gadgets. To my surprise, this Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports—as seen in the picture above—is really perfect for my needs. I can simultaneously charge my devices now without worrying for any voltage fluctuations that might damage these gadgets. The limited number of electrical sockets from hotel rooms is not a problem anymore. I can now enjoy more my vacations and business trips with this little but so much helpful device that gives me three extra AC protected outlets and two USB protected outlets.

Here are some other features that I liked most about this portable outlet/surge protector:

  • It is lightweight and small, with dimensions of 2.25 inches x 5.1 inches x 7.25 inches, you can easily slip it in your laptop bag or carry-on.
  • The 360 degree rotating plug with 4 locking position definitely adds versatility.
  • The damage-resistance housing which protects the device from impact, rust, and fire is impressive.
  • It is also backed by lifetime warranty and $75,000 connected equipment warranty.

Check out this device at Amazon store. buy from portable outlet amazon button See the full specification details of this product. See also what the other buyers said about this nice gadget. Why they liked it why they don’t, what are the pros and the cons, what are their experiences in owning this portable power outlet/surge protector.


In Conclusion

For just a little over twelve bucks, this portable outlet can give you worry free vacation and business travel. most hotel rooms never seemed to have enough power outlet for you and your family members’  electronics devices. That’s why this portable wall outlet is necessary for your trips. It will not just add the number of available socket for you, but it will also give power surge protection to your devices which is really necessary. This is the best out there in the market. I’m highly recommending to you this Belkin portable outlet. Never hesitate to get one.



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