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What is WD-40

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WD-40 is a multi-use product in an aerosol can container. It is commonly used by spraying it on an object that needs to be treated. It was developed in 1953 by a chemist named Norm Larsen. He is trying to formulate a product, way back then, that can prevent corrosion—a task which can be achieved  by displacing water. That is where the name WD 40 come from. WD stands for Water Displacement, the number 40 is the number of formula he tries before he perfected this product. So this is his main goal in developing this product—to protect a metal surface from corrosion by displacing water from it. WD 40 uses has evolved over time.


Why Do I Need This Product

Every household must have this product, period. WD40 will give ease to your life. Whether you are the type of person who couldn’t care less about this DIY and repair thingy—chances are, you will gonna be needing the help of this product. Do you have squeaky doors and windows? just spray wd 40 on the hinges and noise will be gone. Corrosion on your car battery terminals and rusted lug bolt and nuts on the wheels? just spray wd 40 on it, problem is solved. Sticky drawers? No problem with WD-40.

Something made of metal in your house needs to be lubricated and must be kept from rusting and corrosion. That’s where the need for this product comes in.


What are the Uses for WD40

Aside from the usability of this product I have stated above, here are the five basic function of this multi-use product can give:

  • Lubricates – WD 40 has great lubricating ingredients which helps stuck parts from moving again.
  • Penetrates – It loosens the rust-to-metal bond; wd40 helps to free frozen or rusted metals.
  • Removes – WD40 removes dirt, gunk, grimes, grease, etc., not only from metals but to some other type of materials as well.
  • Displaces – wd 40 multi-use product displaces moisture; it really helps keeps dry, specially electrical products to eliminate short circuits which causes by moisture.

One of the coolest wd 40 uses that I have read on their website was this: A bus driver in Asia used WD-40 to remove a python which have coiled itself around the undercarriage of his bus. Isn’t it cool? even stuck pythons can be removed by this amazing fluid!

Uses of this product have evolved over the time since it was first developed in the 50’s. People continuously discovers new uses for this product like the uses listed from the email that is surrounding: It protects silver from tarnishing, untangles jewelry chains, loosens stubborn zippers, lubricates prosthetic limbs, keeps bathroom mirrors from fogging, removes traces of duct tape, removes most stains from carpet, keeps scissors working smoothly, spraying umbrella stem makes it easier to open and close, removes splattered grease on stoves, keeps flies off cows, removes lipstick stains, and so on… These might be some of the believable uses of wd40, but the funny myth which other users are claiming: you can use wd 40 to attract and catch large fish by spraying it on bait—since these users claim that there is fish oil ingredient present on it—was already debunked by WD-40 company.

There is a list of 2,000+  wd 40 uses provided to WD-40 company by end users of the product, but the WD-40 company states that they haven’t been tested those uses sent to them by end users. They urge the customers to use common sense in using this product, and always follow the instructions and take heed of any warnings printed on the packaging.

Where Can I Buy WD 40

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